Our Mission

The OCA Careers website was established by the Ottawa Construction Association’s Education Committee, and is focused on promoting careers in the construction industry. Our new website:

  • Promotes careers in construction with brief video interviews of real employees telling their stories;
  • Connects youth with industry professionals;
  • Showcases educational resources within the national capital region;
  • Presents OCA member company’s accomplishments within the city.

Our overall mission is to demonstrate the rich and diverse opportunities available within the Ottawa Gatineau construction industry.

National Capital Region

The National Capital Region, consisting of Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding municipalities, is a thriving international business and technology centre in Eastern Ontario. Rich in culture and heritage, with national institutions, parklands, waterways and historic architecture. The region also offers an open and welcoming environment to cultures from around the world, providing service in English, French and a host of other languages. These are a few of the contributing factors to the high quality of life that the region has to offer.